Superman is justifiably upset that “Man of Steel 2” has become “Batman v Superman”. He’s also not even first billing now. This is “Lois and Clark” all over again. Why was Lois first?! Why is he always last. This season, The Justice Lease answers the question “Who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman” before the “Batman v Superman” movie on the 24th of March.

Season 1 of Justice Lease was a proof of concept for writers Paul Michael Ayre and Jeremy Brull and was created for a budget of $10,000 & about $80,000 worth of favours. The series was released in real time alongside the press release of the original Man of Steel movie. It showed Superman’s elation over this new, gritty type of movie that might make him as cool as Batman again. Aquaman meanwhile is obsessed with his best friend Batman and is just happy to be in his life. Bruce Banner meanwhile doesn’t give a damn about superhero movies – but does not respond kindly if you mention Ang Lee’s Hulk.

Also, why is The Hulk in the series when he’s not DC? This was explained in many iterations of the script (and can be found in the YouTube descriptions) but it all got lost in editing! Banner is staying there temporarily and doesn’t have a room of his own. That said, he’s back in Season 2 – and we make reference in Ep 1 😀

SevereComedy is also responsible for a raft of sketches that have been seen everywhere from LA Webfest to Perth’s Rottofest and even in The Opera House in Sydney as part of TedX. SevereComedy’s director Jeremy Brull has also been creating comedy videos for organisations like Boston Consulting Group for the last 5 years in order to add some humour to the ordinary internal corporate videos. Contact us on Facebook for more info.

This series was done by fans, and created characters based on the fans of the characters, rather than the characters themselves. So Superman fans know he’s the best superhero and can’t understand why everyone loves Batman more than him when he doesn’t have any powers. Aquaman fans just desperately want Aquaman to be recognised as a cool character, but after Entourage panned him, it’s just not gonna happen (unless Khal Drogo can reinvent him). Batman is effortlessly cool, basically reinvetns the genre every decade and so he doesn’t even need to try. Meanwhile, Banner/Hulk is just resigned that he can never be in a good movie about himself and that eats away at him more than his gamma radiation ever will.