EPISODE 1: Man of Steel – The Justice Lease
With the stress of the upcoming release of “Man of Steel”, his latest blockbuster, “Homemaker” Superman (Paul Ayre) really shouldn’t have to be relegated to household chores. However, being less popular than Batman (after the success of his Dark Knight trilogy) he’s not exactly someone everyone is clamouring to be saved by at the moment.

It could be worse. He could be Aquaman.

Having been exiled from Atlantis after it became a democracy, Aquaman (Dave Eastgate) left the sea and joined the Justice Lease in Australia. Unfortunately powers like “superfast swimming” and “talking to marine reptiles” are largely redundant on land and render him effectively useless on the crime fighting front. So now he’s battling depression and self-worth issues. He looks up to Batman, and hopes that one day he could be an extra in the next Batman movie.

Batman (Andrew Steel) is like the absentee father figure… and Superman hates it. He effortlessly picks up women as he spends the day fighting crime, a job Superman believes he is infinitely better at. Superman believes that if he didn’t have to do all the cooking and cleaning, he could do a much better job of saving the world than Batman. He’s just not the one the public want to see. The Man of Steel movie should change that.

The Hulk (James Shepherd) is caught amidst these embattled egos as he struggles to solve his radiation problem. He couldn’t really care less who gets to go out and stop crime on a daily basis, as long as his meals are provided and no one makes him angry. He doesn’t like himself when he’s angry.



Writers/ Producers: Paul Michael Ayre and Jeremy Brull
Directed by: Jeremy Brull
Co-Producer and Production Manager: Erasmo Raimundo
Cinematographer: Sidat de Silva
Editor: Emma McKenna

First Assistant Director: Hendrik Aug
Production Designer: Anya Tamsin
Costume Designer: Mia Harris
Production Coordinator: Lara Rosenthal

Make-up and Hair Artist: Jenny Day
Make-up and Hair Assistants: Georgie Marie Fox, Elizabeth Unicomb

Gaffer: Richard Josef Hawkins
Best Boy: Luke Blair
Focus Puller: Francesco Chiari
Grip: Tahiri “T” Marsh
Sound Recordist: Piotr Wasilewski
Boom Swinger: Luke Stacey
Script Supervisor: Emma McKenna
Runner: Jeeves Verma
Production Assistant: Charlotte Lovell
Unit Photographer: Craig Foster

Sound Designer and Supervising Sound Editor: John Hresc
Dialogue Editor: Hugh Fasher
Music by: Phillip J. Faddoul


Paul Michael Ayre – Superman
Andrew Steel – Batman
Dave Eastgate – Aquaman
James Shepherd – Bruce Banner
Katie McDonald – Robin #1

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