Calling in Sick

A Qantas employee calls in with a 'slight case of the cancer.' Starring Paul Ayre and Morgan Derera Written by Paul Ayre Directed by Asif Zubairy

Bitches Be Crazy

Dating can be hard, but Julie has problems. Scary problems. Featuring Sarah Bishop as Julie. Written and Directed by Jeremy Brull & Paul Ayre.

Anti-Piracy Hotline

Did you get what you paid for? Australia's anti-piracy hotline receives a call from a concerned consumer, worried they may have pirated a DVD Starring...

Give Me Back My Sun

Written by Paul Ayre. Directed/Edited by Jeremy Brull. Performed by Paul Ayre, Rene Russo and introducing Mel Gibson.

Honourable Discharge

When two soldiers arrive on her doorstep, Sarah Tyler must learn the terrible truth about the love of her life. And the other, worse...


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The Battle of Who Cares Less

Subscribe - Twitter - Facebook - The battle of Who Cares Less by Severe Comedy was selected as part of the Tasty Video Bit...